Wa'Ou- tutorial#1 how to make a Beach Rock Rug

Finally! my love for video and crafting collide.

Once upon a time, I had hopes of one day, becoming a filmmaker. Well that dream still falls flat on it's face. hehe. But for now, I get to show you guys how to make stuff. Woohoo!:D I'm really excited about this project!

Before opening my thrift shop in 2005, I used to work in television. I used to be an entertainment journalist on community television, for a couple of years) and then I worked at the French MuchMusic for three. (M+) It was a technical job with no creativity, and quite frankly; no respect! lol So now I have all freedom thanks to youtube:)

Being busy with the shop and then moving into making clothing, I never had time or energy to be inspired to pick up my video camera. But now since I've stopped selling at the farmer's market, I've been working hard at getting my youtube channel set-up and I've also opened an etsy shop if you wanna peek:http://www.etsy.com/shop/Waou

Hope you enjoy this first vid. I'm quite proud of it. The Beach Rock Rug may seem a bit complicated, or time consuming to some, but I do promise some more easy projects are coming. I'm hoping to get a tutorial out once a week, every Monday if I can be superwoman (my favorite kind of delusion)

Be patient with me for now, my editing and hosting skills are quite rusty. As I've been listening to myself talk on the video, I feel I may need to be corrected. So if I misuse a word or mess up phrases often, send me an e-mail. I'd like to know about it. Being Acadian sets me up for some pretty funny lines!

Other than that, you can rate my video, subscribe to my channel, and if you haven't done this yet; join my facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/waoucreations