Wa'Ou- tutorial#2- how to; dog boots and sweater

In this second tutorial, I get to offer you guys a lot more. Not only do you get to learn to sew a sweater and boots, you also get to learn how to make a pattern as well.
As much as I can offer a PDF file of my patterns, I'd rather teach you how to be self efficient, to be able to transfer the idea that's in your head and onto paper. It's not easy to do at first, and quite frankly it's always going to have it's challenge to some extent. But being able to shape your own pattern has it's own organic feeling.

As I couldn't fit every thing in this video, I have a few extra notes to share with you.

1- I really recommend to sew these boots by hand. A couple of days before making the video, i had already made a sample set and tested it out to see if they were good. Well they were, in fact they are better than the ones in the video. The stitchings from the sewing machine did not pass the test like the ones done by hand.

2- Dog boots really just serve a purpose; to keep rock salt from getting stuck between your dog's toes and hurting. You won't lose them if the dog is walking on the sidewalk. But if it's about jumping into snow banks, be sure to kiss some boots goodbye.

3- Velcro is often used for these boots, but I chose to use elastic to tie around the ankles. You don't always have to undo the knot every time. The loop that it made can just twist itself back, the same way you use elastic to make yourself a ponytail.

4- Be patient with your dog if it doesn't like them. I'm amazed as to how passive my dog is. It was a shock to him at first, but now when I put those on, I can actually feel his leg pushing his foot into the boot (how cute is that! hehe)